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Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by to read a little about CJM Grafx.

CJM Grafx is the web site of Tampa, Florida based freelance photographer C. Joseph Martin, or Joe Martin as he goes by. Joe shoots commercial and editorial stock photography, but his true passion is photographing people, especially capturing memories of children and youth athletics.

In addition to shooting stock images and children, Joe has a real love for nature and enjoys capturing all types of wildlife and landscapes with his camera.

Joe enjoyed photography as a hobby for many years. Starting at a very young age with cameras such as a Polaroid instamatic, to a Kodak "disc" camera, borrowing dad's 35mm and eventually being able to afford his own 35mm camera. Later while playing professional paintball, he was able to trade some of his tournament painball gear for the 35mm film camera gear he still owns today.

While returning to school in the mid 90s, Joe heard about a digital camera from a classmate, which really intrigued him. In 1999 Joe aquired his first digital camera, it had 2.1 megapixels. While not great for large printing, it was capable of producing images like these two images of the Downtown Tampa skyline - image1 / image2. In 2003, after buying a digital SLR, Joe made the switch to digital and has not looked back.

If you would like to see the lighter side, Joe has a Flickr site where he posts his "for fun" photos and out takes. Joe recently started selling commercial stock through iStockphoto, though his portfolio there is currently small, he shoot regularly to add new photos.

The local youth sports images can be seen and purchased through Joe's account at Backprint. If you have a youth sporting event you would like to schedule Joe to shoot, please contact him using the contact page.